Saturday, December 30, 2017

Phish wielded sonic sorcery Friday Night as they continuously amaze. Friday night the crowd simply split open and Melted.

I may have attended more Phish shows than High School classes my senior year,  but my expert analysis has been off more this year than Harvey Weinstein’s past  judgment with the ladies. Damn though it's never sounded so good to be so wrong. I’m  the genius that forecasted that the Baker’s Dozen resistance would be akin to four bad New Year Eve runs. I did redeemed myself slightly, by flipping a 180 following night one. I even boasted  that it would be their career defining run and the musical    achievement that followed did not surprise me. It's actually a joy to be wrong when it sounds so good. Predictably,  I repeated the same mistake forecasting four Saturday night specials over this New Years run.  After 2 fantastic  nights of music, I am once again ecstatic to be wrong. Phish is turning 2017 into the year of the Garden. They continuously have made profound musical statements on a nightly basis this year at the Garden and last night was no exception. It's certainly a rewarding time to be Phish fan, like a fine Pinot they are improving with age. Friday nights  show continued where Thursday night left off, with the band seemingly creating historic jams without any negative ramifications or flubs. Trey  inserted himself early and often over the course of the two astonishing sets. He wielded his new rig with complete abonnement all evening leading to musically peaks that electrified the Garden all evening.

  A smoking “Cavern” paired next to an  extended ‘Blaze On” kicked off the festivities. Trey was masterful from the first note, beginning an intriguing and more inspired first set than the previous nights  first stanza. It still lacked continuity but the band’s unpredictable versions of beloved staples proved enough to carry the set. The stanza ended on an extremely tasty note with an adventurous “Ocelot” that showcased several solos by Paige. The rarity “Destiny Unbound” was executed perfectly, has many fans finally caught the elusive gem. The complex ‘Walls of the Cave” which has received more plays over the last few years, ended the set with a frenzy. Trey’s chops ensured  the peak exploded into musical insanity with his rapid fire licks. When placed at the end of the opening set this gem is quite effective. Last night version  was no exception. Spirits were running high between sets as the faithful knew the next half was bound to deliver the goods but few could have foreseen the immaculate set that would send everyone home satisfied.
 The second set was a dream Setlist played to perfection. My favorite funk fueled tune “Sand” began the set of destiny and the tune soon veered into a filthy jam that had the sold out venue dancing in a hypnotic state as the music washed over the venue. Then with the timeless jam out of Chalk Dust things got plaid.  This is a set you have to hear, I could explain the unexplainable but it seems like an act in futility. The set consisted of a “Ghost” for the ages. While the set ended with a “Simple >Split Open and Melt”.  You goddamn right! I seen Phish since 1991 and I struggle to find a year as profound or consistant as 2017. My only complaint was a poorly placed  “Julius” encore. Following the energetic sonically pleasing second set. I believe the show would have been better served with a “Lifeboy’ or “Coil” encore. But, I am splitting hairs, a slower tune would have aided the crowd to find their jaws following the disgustingly beautiful  “Split Open and Melt”.  Two shows are still on deck with New Year’s Eve falling on a Sunday night.  Can this band get any better?  Damn Right!  After this year, I am considering moving back to New York. I need to be close to the house Phish built.
Kevin Long       



Friday, December 29, 2017

Trey introduced a new rig as Phish performed two exciting sets to start off their New Year Run.

2017 was an exciting year for the big two as Phish and The Dead both had huge years. Phish proved quality wins out over quantity during their career defining 13 night resistance at Madison Square Garden earlier this year. Phish proved they are the best live band over the course of The Baker’s Dozen, as the impossible was performed perfectly over 16 sets of bliss. No band in history has performed as dominantly at this stage of their careers as Phish this year. While Dead and Company rekindled the  “it” factor with two awe-inspiring tours leaving sold out stadiums in hysterics as they transformed the Dead’s legacy for a new generation.
  Last night Phish returned to Madison Square Garden for their annual New Year's run. Many fans rumbled over the decision to return to the venue that hosted practically their entire tour of 2017. But as we know it's impossible to please all the Phish fans even part of the time. Considering Phish has celebrated New Years there almost every year throughout their storied career, you would assume most would have made peace over the venue hosting this Holiday in particular.
The only question on my mind is can lighting strike twice and after last nights musical achievement, the answer is yes.
  The night kicked off as all epic runs should with a rousing “AC\DC Bag”.It was obvious from Trey's first licks that his sound was spruced up as he introduced a complete new rig. This excited the lifelong Phish fans tremendously, it's a rarity and has signified a change in the band’s sound and approach in the past. The was not evident after the triumph first night, actually Mike was easily the musical M.V.P as his inspired playing drove the band on night one, while Trey eased into his new digs. The first stanza lacked continuity, but certainly had its moments.  “t Tube” was complete funk, in fact they don't get any better in this era than the version the band performed last night before it aprundly dissolved into “Bouncing around the Room.” Other highlights from the first half was an inspired “Wolfman's Brother” and the closing pairing of “Waking up Dead>Theme from the Bottom” was juicy and hinted at the fireworks that laid ahead.  Luckily, Phish opened up for themselves, as they often have over the 3.0 era and the second set was loose, but tight as they transformed into the improvisational musical giants most fans yearn to hear.
 “Wilson” got the crowd on their feet and the extended “No Mans in No Man's Land” that followed turned the Garden into a dance party that didn't  subside until the immaculate “Slave” ended the olympian show. The six song set flowed perfectly while each tune boasted unique jams. The sonically pleasing set touched on several musical realms while “Twist” took flight has Gordon and Fishman laid down a solid foundation whith Trey and Paige perfectly painting a musical landscape. The funk fueled “2001” evaporated into an adventurous “Harry Hood” to close the inspired set. The encore definitely assured Phish nation that this will not be a phoned in New Year's run as in recent years. The two headed monster of “The Wedge and Slave to the Traffic Light” was delivered with purpose as the band left the stage as one. Phish will certainly make 2017 the year of the garden. It's beyond beautiful to be a Phish fan as their musical journey is far from needing company to make musical statements. Game On
Kevin Long
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Our Favorite M.S.G.organ player Chad Dinzes warmed up the venue with a four minute Harry Hood during the Ranger's game. Listen Here!

Our favorite organ player warmed up the Garden last night by performing a four minute Harry Hood during the Ranger game. Chad has serenaded the Garden in the past with Phish, Hornsby and other Jam friendly melodies from his seat behind the ivory. Phish kicks off their first of four shows tonight at M.S.G. Will the music come close to the quality of thier previous 13 shows they performed there during the historic Bakers Dozen run this summer?  What will the gag be?  Well, stay tuned to Gratefulmusic for reviews of each night. All is right in the world,  Phish is back at the Garden. Listen to last night Harry Boos Below.
Kevin Long

Friday, December 15, 2017

Dead and Company's rumored Summer Tour Dates

This time last year we could give the gift of The  Dead with all good Company, because they released their Summer Tour Dates in early December.  If you Considering the overwhelming success of Fall Tour, if they had official dates announced than tickets would be this years Tickle Me Elmo. Well, a very ambitious Summer Tour especially for Dead and Company's usual pace have surfaced. I checked with my sources and these are a wish list the Band's management is starting from.I took that as, many of these dates will indeed happen and it will at the least be the general direction this Summer Tour will take and it Bound to Cover a shitload of Ground. These are not X-Files certified! But they do have merit. Remember, nothing is officially official until its official. Until next time.
Still Kevin Long

Dead and Company 2018 Summer Dates!!!

June 10: Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre - MO
June 12: Lakewood Amphitheater - GA
June 14: Jiffy Lube Live - VA
June 16: KeyBank Pavilion - PA
June 17: Citi Field - NY
June 18: Citi Field - NY
June 20: BB&T Pavilion - NJ
June 21: Fenway Park - MA
June 22: Fenway Park - MA
June 24: Saratoga Performing Arts Center - NY
June 25: Saratoga Performing Arts Center - NY
June 27: Riverview Amphitheater - NY
June 29: Blossom Music Center - OH
June 30: Wrigley Field - IL
July 1: Wrigley Field - IL
July 3: Alpine Valley - WI
July 4: Alpine Valley - WI
July 6: Folsum Field Boulder, Co
July 7: Folsum Field Boulder, Co
uly 10: Eugene OR
July 11: Eugene OR

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dead and Company's phenomenal Fall Tour wasn't bound to cover more ground this Tour, however the Thunder and Lighting had already gotten me. An editoral

Dead and Company's phenomenal Fall Tour wasn't bound to cover more ground this Tour, however the Thunder and Lighting had already gotten me. An editoral by Kevin 

The Fall Tour that could not be denied quickly devoloped into the our of destiny. Over the previous three weeks Dead and Company's music reached levels I thought impossible.. Jevenoh's favorite choir's historic run ended  painfully prematurely in a hospital just outside New Orleans. Dead and Company's inspiration certainly  was moving brightly while they performed  shows that will live forever.The Dead with all good Company's momentum  painfully came to an abrupt end with John Mayer's emergency surgery. The procedure  took more than  his appendix, it robbed the universe from the natural end of the sweet songs that have filled the air this month. The most satisfying tour in the  A.J era  ended without the exclamation point the band certainly would have accomplished over their final shows. My source assured me we missed the debuts of "So Many Roads" and my favorite "To Lay Me Down". I am positive this Summer's tour  finale at the friendly confines at Wrongly Field  would have failed in comparison to what will never be.The tremendous disappointment of the premature end of Fall tour hurts. But when measured to the gift this band brought to the rejuvenated fanbase it's only a minor inconvenience.  Dead and Company didn't just perform phenomenal music, they achieved a more profound element to the legacy. . It doesn't have a name just yet, but if you witnessed the magic than you certainly will understand and if you never experienced Jerry live then hopefully you gained insight. What I love most about this group is they encompasse what The Grateful Dead represented. For one magical month we were received the feeling that we had forgotten and weren't aware it left. . The past three years Dead Company have grown into a band and in the process they have given us ours beloved community back. The Grateful Dead was always more than a band,, they created a roadmap to a  joyful exsistance.. Their universe radiated magic and with enough exposure it caused changes in  lifestyles, attitude and your perspective on life.But, most importantly they filled out hearts with happiness and content.  I assumed it was still ingrained in my D.N.A and in many aspects it was. But before this Fall, I was akin to a hypothetical Christian, meaning I talked the talk but didn't walk the walk. Life had slowly eroded the most rewarding aspect of being a deadhead, joy. Happiness regardless  of circumstances because life was placed in proper perspective.  I can't believe I had forgotten or maybe it slowly died while on my smartphone.. But there Comes a Time when a blind man takes your hand and  says don't you see? Instead of focusing on what we missed in Florida, I am basking in what I gained this Fall. Joy! So the tour was cancealed early, whistle between your teeth and spit because it's All Right. 
Kevin Long 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Dead and Company show in New Orleans is postponed due to a medical emergency with John Mayer.

(First and formost) Grateful Music wishes John Mayer a speedy recovery and we are

sending vibes as he undergoes his medical emergency. C.N.N reports the surgery went well and he is recovering.)

    Once again New  Orleans is the Achilles heel in our long strange trip.  Dead and Company's magical run has hit its first obstacle in route to concurring the woeld. John Mayer was admitted into the hospital for emergency surgery and the show in New Orleans is postponed until a yet to be determined date.Fans have the option for a refund or their original tickets will be honored at the make up show.. The band released this statement via Facebook and Twitter.
     Early this morning, Tuesday, December 5th, John Mayer was admitted into the hospital for emergency appendectomy forcing the Dead & Company December 5th concert in New Orleans to be postponed.

All tickets for the December 5 show will be honored for the rescheduled date. Information on the rescheduled date will be announced as soon as possible.  Should ticketholders choose to seek a refund, they will be available at point of purchase.
    I feel for all the fans who traveled and we're primed for a dose of Dead and Medicine. The upside is Bourbon Street will be insane tonight and the make up show will be something special. Let's all send vibes for John to make a speedy recovery, but if I had to guess Fall Tour has prematurely come to an end. Who would have guessed the youngest members would fall I'll. We look forward when the band beyond description gets back Trucken on.
Kevin Long

Believe it or Not, but The Dead and Company keep getting Better.

    It's been awhile since I was able to access the site, not much has changed. Dead and Company have continued their magical mystery tour.  Everytime those six musicians converse on a stage they manage to create  profound musical theatre. This tour the music has reached a utopian level as Dead Company have become a band beyond description. Since they assembled shortly after Fare Thee Phil they continue to display vast improvement  every tour. This Fall run has been remarkable, putting Dead and Company alongside; The Other Ones of 1998 and Phil's Quintet as the best post Jerry bands. I finally received my fix when I  witnessed Jevonah favorite choir in Atlanta. The band put on an outstanding show and the setlist was seemingly written just for me. The band is firing on every possible cylinder resulting in a packed arena dancing their  troubles away. The vibe was therapeutic and it was a joy  watching all the new fans  falling in love with the music. It was painful only catching one  show, especially with the band having so much fun. It was truly a pleasure meeting many of you and seeing so many  familiar faces. Unfortunately, I   missed  the biggest bust out in the post Jerry era by one show. This band surprised dead nation when Oteil   interrupted " China>Rider" with the obscure gem " If I had the world to Give". The Grateful Dead only performed it twice, even though it was well received and remained a fan favorite all these years. Its just one of those beloved tunes that for whatever reason went missing in action. Dead and Company also
debuted  " Easy Answers," a tune Willie Dixon and Bobby wrote in the ninties. It didn't receive much fanfare with The Grateful Dead. Since the days of Cheesey Answers it has slowly grown into an interesting tune and with Mayer's bluesy chops was a great addition to the band repitoire. It's impossible to say which show is  the best of the tour. The band is producing our music on such a high  and constant level  it comes down to personal taste.  The tour of destiny may be winding down, but it obvious this song ain't never going to end. Especially with musicians like John Mayer, who is going to play a big part in the future of the Grateful Dead's legacy.  Believe it, or not.
Kevin Long

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dead and Company performed an average show in Detroit on Friday night, suffering a Holiday hangover.

 Dead and Company's show Friday Night while solid, but unfortunately was  a step below the previous string of shows. The mystical run had to level off, they were performing on a level that was impractical to think they could maintain their blistering pass. The show certainly played on a high level. It just felt like I had been there before listening to songs that had played superior already this tour. 
 They are senior citizens, who have been performing at a frantic pace for two magical weeks. Usually, they would have rested on their night off and have been rejuvenated for the weekend. But the majority of the band members had to scramble to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones and the end result was a show without many highlights. The fans still had their mind blowns, this band has the chops to phone it in and still own an arena. The first set  got off to a promising start with the favorite “ Dancing in the Streets” that barely inspired such a notion. The Setlist is sexy, but they were victims of their own success  Everybody in attendance certainly got their money's worth and I guarantee will think I am crazy.  It had it's highlights, mainly being the Dylan bust out “ Hard Rain is Going to Fall” but at the cost of a profound Jerry tune following space. The Wheel summarized the night perfectly, the versions only a few shows ago was electrifying while it morphed into a vocal jam. Tonight's version did not muster enough strength to cover even a little more ground. But, their is not

a bad Dead and Company show, it was just not as good as the previous shows. I have all the confidence they will be ready to return to form at the next stop.
Kevin Long

Dancing in the Street
(Martha Reeves and The Vandellas cover)
Play Video
Jack Straw
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Brown-Eyed Women
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Ramble On Rose
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Deep Elem Blues
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Beat It On Down the Line
(Jesse Fuller cover)
Play Video
(Jerry Garcia cover)
Play Video
Set 2:
New Speedway Boogie
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Dark Star
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Scarlet Begonias
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
Fire on the Mountain
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
(Grateful Dead cover)
Play Video
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
(Bob Dylan cover)
Play Video
The Wheel
(Jerry Garcia cover)
Play Video
Not Fade Away
(The Crickets cover)
Play Video
Casey Jones
(Grateful Dead cover)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Marco Benevento announces Winter Tour.

Hot Damn! The most talented man to ever sit behind ivory is going on tour again this winter and Marco Benevento is actually coming South. He currently plays keys in Joe Russo's Almost Dead and has been in many bands. His solo show is mezmerizing, this is a show all music lovers will not want to miss.I definitely see myself going to Nashville for a few days. Here are the complete dates and information. 

Winter 2018 tour dates announced! Two nights in Nashville, our return to Pittsburgh, Lexington & NOLA + first time in Mobile, Tallahassee & Birmingham! Tickets on sale now -->

February 1 - Pittsburgh,PA - Club Cafe
February 2 - Lexington, KY - Cosmic Charlie's
February 3 - Nashville, TN - The High Watt
February 6 - New Orleans, LA - Blue Nile
February 7 - Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen
February 8 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder
February 9 - Birmingham, AL - Saturn Birmingham
February 10 - Nashville, TN - The High Watt

Dead and Company jam in Spanish in Hartford, Review, Setlist, Videos & More.

Photos" from Dead & Company's FB Page.

 Happy Thanksgiving Family! While I was getting spun with my tour buddies last night, Dead and Company were getting Trippy themselves. We all knew Hartford was going to be a heater, but damn I never imagined it would be fucking Spanish Jam good. They performed  tunes representing every era from the Grateful Dead's storied career satisfying every Dead head's musical pallet. They opened with "Iko Iko", my least favorite song the Dead ever covered, but it always gets the crowd  involved and last night was no exception. Since, I did not watch the show live and I am brain Dead with no future at all; I am only go to give the highlights.I will let the videos tell the complete story of this astounding show. A jazzy " Shakedown" followed and from that point the members became one and the music flowed seemlessly for the reminder of the night. The first set can be summarized in a few words, " Bird fucking Song". Wow! They turned in a marathon version of the first set classic.The music ventured into other domains as the band patiently lets this song go wherever the music took it. The elongated jam would be a welcomed trait in the next set.

Oteil was locked in the pocket as the members developed a distinct understanding of one another and the tunes wouldbenefit  forthe entire second set. Nobody had an agenda, as the band sounded  loose, curious and carefree as the music drifted anywhere in wanted as the band was in a exploratory mode. The sound would  eventually make it all the way to Spain. The second half opened up with a other worldly "Estimated Prophet" . It resembled the earliest versions has it was spacy, with huge musical peaks. It was how the classic was meant to be played and set the tone for the reminder of the night. It eventually dissolved perfectly into "Eyes" as the crowd danced in a hypnotic manner. The Rest of the night played out like a Dead dream that took everyone to another land. A titanic "Other One" went to drums and it was a version for the ages. It was complete madness as the jam vechicle powered into Drums. It was am strong night for the boys as the segment was eventful not
allowing the crowd to take it's usual breather. Them the band rejoined the Devils and magic would would follow. Space morphed into a jam faster than usual as it sounded like....NIO... Could it Be? Soon nobody could argue different as a full on spectacular Spanish Jam was washing over the audience like a wave. It was magnificent and it was long over due. What this band is achieving musically is simply outstanding and I can't believe their our fans out there that are missing this medicine. Its sad how someone's vanity cost them such a Grateful experience.

The Black Peter was emotional as Bobby arrangement of the song stresses the magnitude of the emotional lyrics in a profound way. Many fans are not particularly fond of his version, I strongly disagree. The adventurous night concluded with a U.S Blues and a beautiful " Knocking on Heaven Door". The band certainly was excited to play for the Hartford fans and the end result was breathtaking and another notch on the belt from an unimaginable tour.
Still Kevin Long

       Bird Song

       Eyes .

          SPAINISH JAM.

          China Doll
             Estimated Prophet
            The Other One Jam

Phish wielded sonic sorcery Friday Night as they continuously amaze. Friday night the crowd simply split open and Melted.

I may have attended more Phish shows than High School classes my senior year,  but my expert analysis has been off more this year than H...