Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dead and Company jam in Spanish in Hartford, Review, Setlist, Videos & More.

Photos" from Dead & Company's FB Page.

 Happy Thanksgiving Family! While I was getting spun with my tour buddies last night, Dead and Company were getting Trippy themselves. We all knew Hartford was going to be a heater, but damn I never imagined it would be fucking Spanish Jam good. They performed  tunes representing every era from the Grateful Dead's storied career satisfying every Dead head's musical pallet. They opened with "Iko Iko", my least favorite song the Dead ever covered, but it always gets the crowd  involved and last night was no exception. Since, I did not watch the show live and I am brain Dead with no future at all; I am only go to give the highlights.I will let the videos tell the complete story of this astounding show. A jazzy " Shakedown" followed and from that point the members became one and the music flowed seemlessly for the reminder of the night. The first set can be summarized in a few words, " Bird fucking Song". Wow! They turned in a marathon version of the first set classic.The music ventured into other domains as the band patiently lets this song go wherever the music took it. The elongated jam would be a welcomed trait in the next set.

Oteil was locked in the pocket as the members developed a distinct understanding of one another and the tunes wouldbenefit  forthe entire second set. Nobody had an agenda, as the band sounded  loose, curious and carefree as the music drifted anywhere in wanted as the band was in a exploratory mode. The sound would  eventually make it all the way to Spain. The second half opened up with a other worldly "Estimated Prophet" . It resembled the earliest versions has it was spacy, with huge musical peaks. It was how the classic was meant to be played and set the tone for the reminder of the night. It eventually dissolved perfectly into "Eyes" as the crowd danced in a hypnotic manner. The Rest of the night played out like a Dead dream that took everyone to another land. A titanic "Other One" went to drums and it was a version for the ages. It was complete madness as the jam vechicle powered into Drums. It was am strong night for the boys as the segment was eventful not
allowing the crowd to take it's usual breather. Them the band rejoined the Devils and magic would would follow. Space morphed into a jam faster than usual as it sounded like....NIO... Could it Be? Soon nobody could argue different as a full on spectacular Spanish Jam was washing over the audience like a wave. It was magnificent and it was long over due. What this band is achieving musically is simply outstanding and I can't believe their our fans out there that are missing this medicine. Its sad how someone's vanity cost them such a Grateful experience.

The Black Peter was emotional as Bobby arrangement of the song stresses the magnitude of the emotional lyrics in a profound way. Many fans are not particularly fond of his version, I strongly disagree. The adventurous night concluded with a U.S Blues and a beautiful " Knocking on Heaven Door". The band certainly was excited to play for the Hartford fans and the end result was breathtaking and another notch on the belt from an unimaginable tour.
Still Kevin Long

       Bird Song

       Eyes .

          SPAINISH JAM.

          China Doll
             Estimated Prophet
            The Other One Jam

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