Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dead and Company's phenomenal Fall Tour wasn't bound to cover more ground this Tour, however the Thunder and Lighting had already gotten me. An editoral

Dead and Company's phenomenal Fall Tour wasn't bound to cover more ground this Tour, however the Thunder and Lighting had already gotten me. An editoral by Kevin 

The Fall Tour that could not be denied quickly devoloped into the our of destiny. Over the previous three weeks Dead and Company's music reached levels I thought impossible.. Jevenoh's favorite choir's historic run ended  painfully prematurely in a hospital just outside New Orleans. Dead and Company's inspiration certainly  was moving brightly while they performed  shows that will live forever.The Dead with all good Company's momentum  painfully came to an abrupt end with John Mayer's emergency surgery. The procedure  took more than  his appendix, it robbed the universe from the natural end of the sweet songs that have filled the air this month. The most satisfying tour in the  A.J era  ended without the exclamation point the band certainly would have accomplished over their final shows. My source assured me we missed the debuts of "So Many Roads" and my favorite "To Lay Me Down". I am positive this Summer's tour  finale at the friendly confines at Wrongly Field  would have failed in comparison to what will never be.The tremendous disappointment of the premature end of Fall tour hurts. But when measured to the gift this band brought to the rejuvenated fanbase it's only a minor inconvenience.  Dead and Company didn't just perform phenomenal music, they achieved a more profound element to the legacy. . It doesn't have a name just yet, but if you witnessed the magic than you certainly will understand and if you never experienced Jerry live then hopefully you gained insight. What I love most about this group is they encompasse what The Grateful Dead represented. For one magical month we were received the feeling that we had forgotten and weren't aware it left. . The past three years Dead Company have grown into a band and in the process they have given us ours beloved community back. The Grateful Dead was always more than a band,, they created a roadmap to a  joyful exsistance.. Their universe radiated magic and with enough exposure it caused changes in  lifestyles, attitude and your perspective on life.But, most importantly they filled out hearts with happiness and content.  I assumed it was still ingrained in my D.N.A and in many aspects it was. But before this Fall, I was akin to a hypothetical Christian, meaning I talked the talk but didn't walk the walk. Life had slowly eroded the most rewarding aspect of being a deadhead, joy. Happiness regardless  of circumstances because life was placed in proper perspective.  I can't believe I had forgotten or maybe it slowly died while on my smartphone.. But there Comes a Time when a blind man takes your hand and  says don't you see? Instead of focusing on what we missed in Florida, I am basking in what I gained this Fall. Joy! So the tour was cancealed early, whistle between your teeth and spit because it's All Right. 
Kevin Long 

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