Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Believe it or Not, but The Dead and Company keep getting Better.

    It's been awhile since I was able to access the site, not much has changed. Dead and Company have continued their magical mystery tour.  Everytime those six musicians converse on a stage they manage to create  profound musical theatre. This tour the music has reached a utopian level as Dead Company have become a band beyond description. Since they assembled shortly after Fare Thee Phil they continue to display vast improvement  every tour. This Fall run has been remarkable, putting Dead and Company alongside; The Other Ones of 1998 and Phil's Quintet as the best post Jerry bands. I finally received my fix when I  witnessed Jevonah favorite choir in Atlanta. The band put on an outstanding show and the setlist was seemingly written just for me. The band is firing on every possible cylinder resulting in a packed arena dancing their  troubles away. The vibe was therapeutic and it was a joy  watching all the new fans  falling in love with the music. It was painful only catching one  show, especially with the band having so much fun. It was truly a pleasure meeting many of you and seeing so many  familiar faces. Unfortunately, I   missed  the biggest bust out in the post Jerry era by one show. This band surprised dead nation when Oteil   interrupted " China>Rider" with the obscure gem " If I had the world to Give". The Grateful Dead only performed it twice, even though it was well received and remained a fan favorite all these years. Its just one of those beloved tunes that for whatever reason went missing in action. Dead and Company also
debuted  " Easy Answers," a tune Willie Dixon and Bobby wrote in the ninties. It didn't receive much fanfare with The Grateful Dead. Since the days of Cheesey Answers it has slowly grown into an interesting tune and with Mayer's bluesy chops was a great addition to the band repitoire. It's impossible to say which show is  the best of the tour. The band is producing our music on such a high  and constant level  it comes down to personal taste.  The tour of destiny may be winding down, but it obvious this song ain't never going to end. Especially with musicians like John Mayer, who is going to play a big part in the future of the Grateful Dead's legacy.  Believe it, or not.
Kevin Long

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