Thursday, December 28, 2017

Our Favorite M.S.G.organ player Chad Dinzes warmed up the venue with a four minute Harry Hood during the Ranger's game. Listen Here!

Our favorite organ player warmed up the Garden last night by performing a four minute Harry Hood during the Ranger game. Chad has serenaded the Garden in the past with Phish, Hornsby and other Jam friendly melodies from his seat behind the ivory. Phish kicks off their first of four shows tonight at M.S.G. Will the music come close to the quality of thier previous 13 shows they performed there during the historic Bakers Dozen run this summer?  What will the gag be?  Well, stay tuned to Gratefulmusic for reviews of each night. All is right in the world,  Phish is back at the Garden. Listen to last night Harry Boos Below.
Kevin Long

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